Tame the Chaos

We all have complicated lives with too much to do and not enough hours to do it all. Sometimes we need a little help to tame the chaos that constantly growls from that stack of papers we need to go through and the myriad of unfinished projects. That's what Sharon Kristensen Deméré thrives on. She is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and professional organizer with many years experience helping individuals and small businesses get organized, tackle complex projects, transition from one stage of life to another.

Wouldn't you feel relief knowing that things are coming together in a way that makes sense so you can keep them organized? When you are organized, you feel a weight has been lifted. You feel like you can think clearly again and are re-energized to do your work and then relax and enjoy time with your family and friends and pursue leisure time activities that you find gratifying.

Sharon Works With

Private Clients

  • Tackle Home Based Organization
  • Client Advocacy
  • Provide Transition Guidance for Life Changing Events

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Small Business Clients

  • Systemizing Procedures
  • Developing checklists and follow-up action plans using our proprietary system
  • Filing/ Archiving/ Retention Systems
  • Project Management
  • Office Space Logistics
  • Spacialization™

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It’s great to have someone who’s discreet and respectful of your choices to help you get through a very, very tough time in your life.

Ms. Kristensen’s vision, attention to detail and ability to inspire clients are unmatched.

I could not have asked for a more resourceful, sensitive project manager – hands-on organizer to take on a project of this kind and complete it successfully with more care and kindness.

Sharon built a system that makes sense to me and – this is key – to other people looking for information.

Sharon knows the questions to ask before a project becomes a headache. She has experience and top-level resources. Why solve a problem if you can avoid one instead?

Reflections from Sharon


Clutter and Neurodegenerative Disease

I pondered for quite some time over which topic I might reflect on as my first “Reflections from Sharon.” In mulling over the many topics, I decided to touch on Alzheimer’s and Dementia Disease. Many diseases affect our ability to perform day to day activities and the ability to get organized, but Alzheimer’s and Dementia,...
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