Private Client Services

  • Tackle Home Based organization
    • Develop workable plans to manage time more efficiently
    • Downsizing and Space Management
         Ex.: Deciding what to keep, sell, donate or recycle
    • Setting-up, filing, archiving, and storage systems
  • Client advocacy
    • Insurance (all encompassing)
    • Working with your health care providers, financial advisors and institutions, and legal advisors when issues arise
  • Provide Transition Guidance for life changing events that can be challenging:
    • Relocation
    • Home building and remodels
    • Divorce
    • Retirement and Aging
    • Loss of a Loved One

Home management is equally as important as business management. A fully functioning home requires the management of paper, projects, space and time. Sharon works with private clients to tackle all situations. Her strategy is to help the client focus, plan, make the best decisions for the situation and take action. Finding and using the right home management systems makes the whole process easier to navigate and maintain.

Organization for the Home

Sharon eliminates the obstacles that get in the way of organizing a home. Whether you are unsure about selecting and implementing the best Home Management System or simply have not found the time to do so, Sharon provides a wealth of options practical for her client’s circumstances and needs.

With all the talk about a paperless environment, paper still arrives at our homes everyday via traditional mail. Add to that email and texts, and the overwhelm begins! One may discard or delete plenty of junk mail, etc., but some will remain! As in any business, a Home Filing and Archival (Retention) System is necessary if one wishes to easily access the information that is kept. Sharon not only helps you design a system that works for you, but advises what you are required to keep (according to Federal and State regulations) and sets up the system to meet your specific needs. An archival example – Tax Returns are permanent documents. Back-up documents may be shred after a period of time.


Downsizing, whether it is because you choose to or have to, is rarely easy!! Downsizing is extremely stressful no matter what the circumstances are. We want our possessions and we don’t want our possessions. What do we need, what do we want, a dilemma that keeps us from choosing what to keep for the next phase of life. Sharon guides her clients through this decision-making process. For those precious things to be given up, Sharon will find the best resale, consignment or auction house to sell the items or an appropriate 501 (c) 3 organization to donate the items.

Where will the system go? What constitutes your home office?

Space management and where the home office will be set-up can be a challenge. It is not just a matter of having a desk and chair somewhere but also having all the right tools and equipment at your fingertips. Sharon’s years of experience and exposure to all levels of office set-up, gives her special insight to work with you to aesthetically and effectively set-up your home office space.

Who’s on 1st?

Whether for an individual or family, Calendaring and Project Management play vital roles in the day-to-day management of the home. Sharon’s wealth of resources and expertise in the project management arena can assist anyone struggling with calendaring (a.k.a. scheduling) and project management. There are many options available to finding the right calendaring system that works for each individual … and using the project management components that also work well for each individual.

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Home Building and Remodels

A key to making any new home construction or remodeling project run smoothly is harnessing project management techniques and making them an integral part of the development and execution of trades, design and architecture. Communicating time commitments and tasks with the team and the client is crucial. There is an unending amount of organization needed for this type of project to ensure that it goes smoothly and successfully (determined ultimately by the client). Sharon works with the client to navigate the entire home building or remodeling project, from beginning to end.

Home Remodel Management

In her three part program:

  • Sharon works with the client to develop a workable plan and prepare them for the project.
  • Serves as the client’s project manager and advocate throughout the process making sure all parties stay focused and that the project stays on scope, on budget and the results are delivered on time.
  • Unpack, organize and place your belongings in your new home and work with all parties to complete “Punch List” items.

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Client Advocacy

Client Advocacy

Sharon often assists clients who are too busy or simply need help dealing with another party to resolve an issue. Sharon can provide valuable assistance as an advocate to champion her client’s interests in a situation. Sharon’s years of experience can champion you in:

Healthcare Advocacy

As healthcare in America continues to change and become more complicated, Sharon assists with finding and understanding healthcare coverage, claims administration and processing, as well as dealing with insurance companies on a multitude of issues.

Medical Advocacy

In cases where a client needs someone to be with them on a doctor or hospital visit, Sharon will be there to take notes and make sure communication between the doctor/hospital and client patient is accurate and on-going as long as needed.

Services/Consumer Advocacy

Sharon assists her clients in dealing with an issue that may arise with the client’s bank, credit card company, home service companies and the individual’s professional team (accountant, investment firm, attorney, etc.)

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Transition Guidance

Life is a continual transition. Some transitions flow smoothly and easily, others do not. For those transitions that are (or become) a bigger challenge, overwhelming or stressful, Sharon helps her clients traverse through rough waters and gets them to the other side, reducing overwhelming stress to a healthier level! Major events for which Sharon has an in-depth knowledge of, and experience in dealing with, include:

Transition Guidance


Divorce is one of those major stressors in life that Sharon discreetly and responsibly assists a client through. Sharon works with the client and the client’s team of professionals to provide all documentation and information as well as making sure all deadlines and requirements are met, allowing the client to transition as easily as possible.

The Changing Workplace and/or Retirement

People need to transition from going to their former work place every day. Whether it’s a changed working environment (changing times, changing workplace), being forced out of the corporate cocoon or moving on due to retirement, people seek structure for their new circumstances. Sharon can provide the support needed to transition to a new workplace or a new life focused on other pursuits.


Aging is something we all tend to ignore. Collecting one’s vital documents, including Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives (to name a few), is challenging enough when one is feeling fine – yet this is when it often goes undone! Sharon gently drives you, one step at a time, to get all the information your family and loved ones would need when you are most vulnerable and unable to handle your affairs yourself. It doesn’t have to be complicated – a treasure map as to what exists and where, can be developed and included in your vital documents.

If the time comes that help is needed with paying bills, interfacing with family members or a client’s teams of professionals, Sharon has the expertise to work her magic, and when necessary, bring in the expertise of others to handle the job.

Loss of a Loved One

A death in the family is difficult enough, but when you are the executor and/or trustee, being responsible for the legal, financial, governmental, etc. requirements, while grieving can be overwhelming and too much to handle alone. Sharon has helped many clients get through the process, coordinating each step, finding or obtaining critical information and documents; working with the client and their attorney, accountant and financial advisor, following-up to meet legal time requirements and wishes of the decedent… all to lessen the load and give the client a more peaceful time to grieve.

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