What Clients Say


“You make everything brighter by your sheer presence.”

JOC – San Francisco, CA

“Sharon has made all our moves (many) easier on us. On the occasions when we had big moving companies pack and unpack for us, I would end up calling Sharon to came in to redo, streamline, bring comfort and sense to placement. When we decided to do a major remodel in our Southern California desert home, Sharon worked with our architect to assist in the design of my studio, to meet the needs she knew I would have (after working with me for so many years on so many projects). I spent a lot of time in that studio because it was so functional, beautiful and a wonderful space to be productive and creative in.

Over the 25 plus years I have worked with Sharon, she has saved me time after time, getting various professional licenses renewed on time, getting tax documents together, up-dating all my information from addresses books to trust documents.

When Sharon would come to our various out-of-town locations to work with me, she would be hard at work long after I retired for the night. She knew me, knew how I wanted things done, she was “brilliant” as I would tell her and watch her blush!”

EMcA –Atheron and Indian Wells, CA

“Losing my wife to cancer too early in life was a painful ordeal. The thought of going through her personal effects, household items, furniture, accessories and personal financial records was not something I was open to doing while grieving the loss of my wife.”

“After a couple of years, with some urging from my son and friends, I contacted Sharon Kristensen Demere of Organization Plus to aid me through the process. She not only gently guided my son and myself through the process of distributing my wife’s personal effects to family and friends, she found the “right” charities to donate many items (charities that my wife would have wanted her things to go to). Sharon also found the right resources to purchase many of the household items (furniture, accessories, art, kitchenware, etc.), something I did not even consider to be a possibility at the start of the project.”

“Sharon thoughtfully and thoroughly guided my son and myself through a painful process, making it less painful and got the project done. I could not have asked for a more resourceful, sensitive project manager – hands-on organizer to take on a project of this kind and complete it successfully with more care and kindness.”

GvL – San Francisco, CA

Of all the times I’ve told you how much I value your brilliance and resourcefulness, yesterday was among the best. Nothing particular, but the totality of your dedication is awesome and much appreciated.”

JOC – San Francisco, CA

“When someone helps your child take a significant step towards a goal, no number of “thank you’s” are enough. You have helped our daughter make room for the new in her life, in both a physical and metaphysical sense. We are eternally grateful! You really are a treasure and we’re so fortunate to know you.”

On-Going Client – JMH, San Francisco, CA

“With OP, it is not a matter of giving someone directions. OP creates the template, the plan, the process and then guides you and directs you from A to Z. For example, you purchase a property and want to renovate it. OP has the experience, contacts and systems to make that remodeling project happen. Sharon is the project manager and client advocate with your contractor, architect and subcontractors….Sharon knows the questions to ask before a project becomes a headache. She has experience and top-level resources. Why solve a problem if you can avoid one instead?”

CSZ, Palo Alto, CA

“Every time I consider ways to cut expenses as retirement approaches, I realize that OP is one service I simply don’t want to eliminate. For more than 20 years, Sharon has played an important part in everything I have done work-wise. From creating systems for paperwork and personal finance when I was in corporate management through all phases of my new business start-up, she has provided an extraordinary level of support. If there were a Nobel Prize for project management, I would nominate Sharon! She listens like a therapist, coaches like Bill Walsh and keeps her word like Mother Teresa.”

“Ms. Kristensen’s vision, attention to detail and ability to inspire clients are unmatched… Sharon goes well beyond the requirements of a project. She deals with details, minutia really. All the pesky little pebble-in-the-shoe things that can pop up later to unravel all you set out to accomplish. She is the very best at what she does. As an entrepreneur focused on inventing and designing, I am delighted to leave all that to Sharon and concentrate on what I love.”

“Sharon, you are the BEST organizer and packer on the planet!!! I wish you had packed for D, he is already missing stuff, like khakis he forgot. So much for “traveling light”, hah!”

“Thanks for keeping me on track with my priorities.”

On-Going Client JOC, San Francisco, CA

“When you are going through a divorce, you have lots of emotional and financial issues on your plate. It’s great to have someone who’s discreet and respectful of your choices to help you get through a very, very tough time in your life. For me, Sharon Kristensen was masterful.”

CH, San Jose, CA

“Close to 20 years ago, I first hired Sharon to organize my specialty art business. I was a sole proprietor, running very lean without much support and needed to get systems in place – organizing files, client records, accounting, monthly and yearend financial reports, a reordering system for retail clients, just about everything you can imagine for a start up. Sharon built a system that makes sense to me and – this is key – to other people looking for information… You come away from the experience with a different sort of confidence. You realize that you didn’t even know you could be so organized.”

CMS, Palo Alto, CA

“We have worked with Sharon for over three decades. Our records were in disarray. Sharon organized our business records and our home files, helped with our vacation home rental, working with vendors and property managers, and so much more!

After 35 years in our previous home, Sharon helped pack, move, unpack and place our things in our new home. Over the years, she assisted me to downsize, giving precious family possessions to our children, donating or selling other things.

With a family member’s long term illness, she was our advocate with doctors, hospitals and other medical providers. She was an advocate with our attorney and assisted with all of the estate details.

Over the years Sharon has recommended excellent professional resources. She has helped each of our children from time to time as well. She has made a huge difference in our lives, making easy what, for most of us, is very difficult and stressful.”

ES – Alamo, CA

Sharon will be happy to ask a client to share their thoughts about Sharon’s work if you are interested in working with Sharon and have a particular area of expertise you need assistance with, that may not be covered in the Testimonials above or the Case Histories below.

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Case Histories

From Corporate Life to Entrepreneurial Adventure

For individuals accustomed to the structure and support of a corporation or professional firm, the shift to an entrepreneurial venture can be highly taxing and stressful. Sharon knows how to help such clients manage their transition with needs assessments, system design and business set-up.

Transitioning to Active Retirement

Organization Plus® provides project support and services for individuals experiencing changing personal circumstances. Whether forced out of the corporate cocoon or moving on due to retirement or an entrepreneurial urge, people seek structure for their new venture or enterprise.

A Stress-free Home Renovation

A successful Silicon Valley executive purchased a new residence with the intention of making major changes prior to taking occupancy. Following unsuccessful meetings and false starts with designers and contractors, the property owner contacted Organization Plus® in search of guidance and assistance in getting the project on track.

A Client Renovates Their Home

When a Northern California family undertook a substantial home renovation, OP delivered a project plan and implementation focused on client advocacy that resulted in an extraordinarily successful outcome.

Organizing a Home

For some clients, acquiring the services of Organization Plus® begins with a gift.

For a Palo Alto wife and mom about to turn “the big five-oh,” a Christmas gift from her sister provided what she considers a good start down a new path. “I always wanted to get our home organized, and I knew that, at 50, I had to do it now or I never will,” she remembers. The gift of an initial consultation and a day of hands-on activity by Sharon Kristensen provided the “kick-start” that she needed.

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